Under  Level 3 Lockdown regulations, we are ecstatic to be able to open our doors and welcome back our customers.  We understand the world is a very different place to where it was a few months ago, to ensure you our clients’ safety and our staffs’ safety we have implemented the following protocols.  Please ensure you are familiar with the procedures prior to your arrival.

Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us via telephone or email

  • We have implemented a no-touch greeting policy.
  • The client will sign the risk assessment register and disinfect hands.
  • The client will be asked to place her handbag in a clear perspex container to ensure no cross-contamination in the salon.  If her phone is needed, it will be sprayed down with a dry aerosol fogger to disinfect.  The therapist will carry the perspex container to the treatment room her the client.
  • The client will be asked that shoes will be sprayed down with disinfection spray to prevent any cross-contamination walked through the shop.
  • The therapist will escort the client to the treatment room, which would have been disinfected by the therapist as well as a second disinfection fog applied by the compliance officer.
  • The treatment beds are covered in plastic sheeting for ease of disinfection per treatment.
  • All blankets used will before a single use only and then replaced for the next client.
  • Prior to treatment commencing, the therapist washes hands and forearms as well as after the treatment with a disinfectant soap.  The therapist will then disinfect hands in front of the client and apply arm sleeves for the clients’ safety.
  • Masks, gloves and shields/visors/goggles are compulsory when performing all treatments for the therapist as well as the client.
  • These are all  preventative measures and internal protocol to eliminate any form of contamination or exposure against the coronavirus



Staff members will be screened as they get to work for any flu-like symptoms and temperature.

Staff will change into their work uniform (including shoes) at work to prevent cross-contamination while travelling to work.

Each staff member will wear a mask at all times.

Staff handbags and personal belongings are to remain in their cars ( staff members that rely on public transport will have a demarcated area to leave their personal belongings ), their cell phones can be disinfected in front of the compliance officer to prevent cross-contamination of the salon.

Fill in an entering register at the workplace daily.