Optiphi Rejuvinating Peel

Optiphi skin rejuvenation Peel is a facial that is focused on true skin rejuvenation without the horrible side effects of a peel. The scientific formulation of actives is aimed at directly reversing the effects of time and the environment - allowing the cell to regain its natural balance and optimal functioning resulting in regeneration on a cellular level reversing the signs of ageing.

Optiphi Classic Facial

The Classic Range is the best skincare to ensure Good Healthy Skin – addressing moisture and skin architecture. Skin maintenance is crucial to the vitality of your skin – a healthy skin barrier allows for optimal skin functioning, applying the correct active synergies to your skin will also ensure the correct structural support for your dermal skin cells. Our 7 unique Classic Products focus on the prevention of premature ageing, actively refining skin structure, and reinstating skin moisture for a clear healthy complexion. Our pH balanced Classic formulations will maintain your skin health, promoting longevity and refining your skin. Perfect skin balance. Perfect vitality and skin radiance. •Classic hydrating facial •Classic deep cleanse facial