Elim Mediheel

In 2004, MediHeel Pedicure was introduced, which is sold internationally but comes from Cape Town, South Africa. The chemical peel is an alkaline solution of 11+ pH and thus needed a pH balancer. This led to the introduction of our second product the MediHeel pH Neutralizer. We then looked at traditional scrubs which included salt, sugar or sand. We found them to be harsh on the skin and so we opted for a wax pearl bead which would be gentler on the skin with an Alpha Hydroxy Acid to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles on the feet. Then the soak. Traditionally soaks are softeners, similar to what you find in your conditioner or laundry detergent. We needed more antifungal agents and developed the antifungal Spa Additive with tea tree and rosemary. Our Foot Perfector had to be a massage medium of excellence. There was only one thing we needed to achieve, to heal the feet without the slip in the shoe after the pedicure. Our unique gel powder technique guarantees a non-slip effect after you finish the pedicure. With added silicones it give a magnificent glide for massage, but dries quickly when left on to form a layer around the heel which in turn causes the non-slip effect. Our Gold Spritz was the star of the show and we wanted something that could make the MediHeel Pedicure a signature pedicure while adding a glamorous look to the legs and feet. The product is a fine fragrance with a dust of gold to give you a light shimmer after your pedicure. Optional products include: UltraMud clay mask, Cuticle MD oil, an Antifungal Sanitizer and a Quick Dry to finish off your nail varnish application.